What Does an Exclamation Mark in Parentheses Mean on a Car Dashboard?

December 5, 2023

If you see a circular steering-shaped symbol followed by an exclamation mark on your car dashboard, it’s probably a warning light for the electric power steering system. This will warn you that the fluid is low and you need to bring your Toyota in for service as soon as possible to prevent a complete failure of this important feature. It’s also important to read your owner’s manual and familiarize yourself with the function of all dash warning lights.

In general, the exclamation point is used in place of a period or full stop to indicate heightened emotion. It can be used to express surprise, exasperation, admiration or as a command. However, some people may use it as a replacement for the comma in informal writing to create an ironic or humorous effect.

Some authors may use an exclamation point in parentheses to draw attention to a sentence that is contradictory, unlikely or unexpected. This is acceptable in casual email and letter writing, but it is not recommended for formal business correspondence.

Another type of warning light that looks like an exclamation mark is a yellow one that indicates that a particular system in your vehicle is due for service. If you notice this, it doesn’t need to be an emergency but it is worth scheduling an appointment to get your Toyota checked out as soon as possible to avoid serious damage or even a complete breakdown. One example of a yellow warning light is the check engine light, which will come on if the vehicle is due for a routine service like an oil change or if there’s a problem with a sensor.


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