What Does AWAB Mean?

June 14, 2023

You love to uncover the mysteries of life. You're also a compassionate and warm-hearted individual who cares deeply about the needs of others. Your idealism can make you a bit naive at times, but your desire for a more humane world is undeniable.

AWAB (thawab) means a recompense, return, compensation or reward for instance in ayah 2:185 "S'waab al-kuffar" meaning recompense of the kafireen for their deeds with Allah. It's a positive meaning of recompense with Allah. Likewise, in ayah 6:89 and 45:16 it's used as the meaning of Nabo'at with Allah.

The slang term WAAB stands for Weak As A Bitch. This page is dedicated to explaining the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation or slang word WAAB.

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