What Does Car Polish Do?

December 4, 2023

Car polish is designed to smooth out the paint surface of your vehicle and remove minor scratches and swirl marks. It can be used by hand or with a buffing machine. Unlike wax, polish typically contains mild abrasives, allowing it to get rid of the fine clear coat scratching while preparing the paint for protecting products like carnauba wax or sealants.

As the name suggests, car polishes contain small abrasives suspended in a liquid or cream base that help eliminate surface imperfections from the clear coat and paint of your vehicle. They can also add depth and richness to dull or weathered paints. Car polishes are also helpful in improving the water resistance of your paint, making it less likely to attract dirt or other contaminants.

Keep in mind, however, that polish is not capable of removing deeper clear coat scratches. If the damage has gone through the clear coat and into the underlying paint layer, you’ll need to respray your vehicle.

When to use Car Polish

Experts advise that you should only polish your car once or twice a year maximum, as excessive polishing can actually harm the paint job it is meant to preserve. It is also important to make sure that your vehicle is thoroughly washed before applying car polish, as any debris or dirt on the paint surface can leave damaging swirls and scratches. After applying the product, you can polish by hand or with a buffing machine in circular motions until there is no more visible product on the paintwork.


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