What Does Compact Car Parking Mean?

December 17, 2023

The purpose of a compact car parking space is to provide smaller vehicles with a dedicated parking spot. This allows these drivers to get to their destination without having to deal with crowded parking lots and parked cars blocking traffic lanes. Often, these spaces are designed for cars that are less than six feet wide. Trying to park a larger vehicle in a space that is meant for compact cars can result in a lot of frustration and even possible damage to the vehicle.

So what does compact car parking mean? There are several different definitions of the term. In some areas, it is illegal to park a non-compact car in a compact parking space. Others have more lenient rules. For example, a campus parking lot like the one at Georgia Southern University may have some compact only spaces and also other spots for full-size vehicles. The university explains that they do this to help make students and faculty's parking experience better and reduce the number of cars parked in the compact only spots.

Generally, these types of spaces are marked with a compact car parking sign. Drivers are expected to adhere to the sign's specifications. For instance, the parking stall must be at least 9 feet wide and 18.5 feet long (except for the percentage that can be used by compact automobiles) and parallel parking spaces should be at least 22 feet in length. Drivers who do not follow the signs will be subject to tickets and towed.


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