What Does Eco Mean in a Car?

December 4, 2023

The econ mode (or Eco mode) in your vehicle does more than just reduce fuel consumption. It actually improves your car’s overall performance by changing the way some key components work. This article will explain what the econ mode does in your vehicle and when it is appropriate to use.

The Eco mode is usually marked by the words “econ on” or a green symbol that looks like a plant with leaves. It can also be found on your dashboard or on the steering wheel display. The econ mode will change the way the engine and transmission respond to your throttle pedal, limiting acceleration for more efficiency. It will also change the shift pattern of your transmission to a more efficient shifting pattern. Finally, the econ mode will limit downshifting in hilly terrain, which can help improve your gas mileage on those steep hills.

The econ mode will be a good idea for any time you want to save money at the pump and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s not recommended to use the econ mode when you are driving your vehicle in dangerous conditions, as it will dampen the performance of the vehicle. It’s also not a great idea to use the econ mode when you need your vehicle to accelerate quickly, as it will significantly slow down your vehicle’s power and speed.


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