What Does Eco Mean in Car?

December 4, 2023

When it comes to car features, the word eco is often associated with reducing fuel consumption. This feature is present in many modern vehicles and helps drivers reduce their environmental impact while saving on gas costs. However, the concept behind the eco mode can be confusing for new car owners. This article will explain what does eco mean in car and how to use the feature to its full potential.

In most vehicles, the eco mode button is located on the left side of the steering wheel. The button is usually marked as econ on some vehicle options, and it typically affects the operation of the transmission system and engine. The mode inhibits the rate of throttle response to decrease a car's maximum fuel consumption.

The mode can also alter a transmission's shift point to increase a car's fuel efficiency. In addition, the mode may affect air conditioning operations to limit power usage. This can lower a vehicle's electrical consumption, which also helps save gas.

However, driving in eco mode should not be done recklessly. Constant use of the feature can significantly damage a vehicle's main units. This can cause significant problems when a vehicle needs to restart or accelerate. It is recommended that motorists avoid using the mode while traveling above 60mph.

The simplest way to improve your fuel economy is by changing your driving habits. Rough driving can lead to low fuel economy regardless of your car's eco mode setting. Instead, it's important to drive calmly and rely on cruise control when possible. Avoid jackrabbit starts when the traffic light turns green and zipping around other cars during rush hour traffic.


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