What Does Exclamation Light Mean in Car Dashboard?

December 4, 2023

Modern cars have dashboards packed with a number of warning lights that can switch on at any time. They’re typically coloured red, orange/amber or green and work like a traffic light system – the red warnings indicate an urgent issue that needs to be addressed immediately; the amber ones suggest drivers should take action soon; and the green ones are all clear and serve as a reminder. However, if these symbols stay on after starting your car or illuminate while you’re driving, that can be a cause for concern!

The symbol that looks like a brake pedal with an exclamation mark in the middle is your brake warning light. It indicates that one or more of your car’s brake pads is getting close to their end of life and you should book in for a brake pad replacement service as soon as possible.

If the dashboard indicator that’s shaped like a car engine comes on, that means there’s a problem with your vehicle’s fuel system. It might be as simple as a gas cap that hasn’t been properly secured or it could be a more serious fault, so you should contact us or book a service appointment to get it checked out.

If the dashboard light that’s shaped like a steering wheel illuminates, it means there’s an issue with your power steering system. It’s still safe to drive your car, but it will be heavier and harder to steer than usual, so you should schedule a power steering inspection as soon as possible.


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