What Does FBO Mean on a Car?

February 8, 2024

FBO is an acronym commonly used by car enthusiasts when referring to a vehicle that has been upgraded with bolt-on performance modifications. These upgrades are usually easier to install and less invasive than other types of performance enhancements, such as changing the camshaft or pistons or adding a larger turbocharger.

There are many different ways to modify a car, and it is important to understand what does fbo mean on a car before undertaking any modifications. FBO is a term that describes a car that has been modified with bolt-on performance upgrades, such as an air intake or exhaust system. These modifications are popular among car enthusiasts, as they can offer significant performance gains without requiring major internal engine work.

Some of the most common FBO modifications include performance tires and a full exhaust system. These upgrades help improve a car's acceleration, handling, and overall driving experience. They can also provide a more aggressive, sporty sound. These modifications can also increase fuel efficiency and reduce wear and tear on the engine.

Another popular FBO modification is a custom air intake. This upgrade helps to improve the airflow into the engine, which can boost horsepower and torque. It can also increase fuel efficiency and help reduce emissions.

When performing FBO modifications, it is important to consider the car's overall reliability and resale value. Some of these modifications can be difficult to remove, and this can increase the cost of maintenance and repair. Additionally, some FBO modifications can void a car's warranty or insurance, and they may lower the resale value of the vehicle.


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