What Does Impounding a Car Mean?

December 5, 2023

Having your car impounded can be stressful. Whether you’re attempting to get it back from an impound lot after parking tickets or it was taken away because of criminal activity, having your vehicle impounded is frustrating. In most cases, you’ll need to follow some specific steps in order to have your vehicle returned. In this article, we will discuss what does impounding a car mean and how you can get it back in the event that your car is impounded.

What does it mean when your car gets impounded?

When a car is “impounded,” it typically means that it has been towed to a vehicle storage facility or towing yard. A vehicle may also be towed to a storage facility without being impounded for other reasons, such as blocking private driveways or being parked in the road. In such cases, the car is only stored at the tow yard until the owner can legally retrieve it or the issue at hand is resolved.

In some instances, police can impound vehicles in order to preserve evidence. This typically occurs when a vehicle is involved in a crime or is suspected to contain contraband, such as weapons or drugs. Police have a duty to explore alternatives to impounding a vehicle, but they can legally search vehicles while they are in an impounded state.

If your car was impounded because of an alleged criminal offense or because it was used to facilitate illegal activity, you’ll likely need the help of a lawyer in order to retrieve it. However, if your vehicle was impounded for a parking violation or because you didn’t update the title after buying a new car, there are usually ways to have it returned once you pay the associated fees.


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