What Does it Mean to Detail a Car?

December 4, 2023

Car detailing is not a simple wash, valet or quick detailer spray. It is a meticulous cleaning and restoration process that improves the condition of the vehicle, prevents deterioration and enhances its visual appearance.

A full car detail requires an extremely thorough clean and the use of tools not typically found in a regular car wash. It includes decontamination, a very important step that ensures the surfaces of the paint are free of bound contaminants like tar and iron fallout. The surface of the paint is then cleaned with a clay bar to thoroughly remove any remaining contaminants and then a hand or machine polish is used to smooth the paint, eliminate fine scratches and provide an even shine.

During a full detailing, the wheels and tires are also cleaned using special products to remove the brake dust that can cause permanent damage. Over time, this dust can etch the paint and chrome of the wheels. During a complete detailing, these blemishes are removed along with the dirt, road grime and contaminants that accumulate around the tires and wheel wells.

Interior surfaces and accents, such as leather upholstery, vinyl and plastic, require attention as well. They are shampooed and pressure washed to clean them and then conditioned to restore their softness and lustre. They are then coated with a protectant to repel dust and spills, keeping the surfaces in better condition and extending their lifespan.


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