What Does it Mean When a Car is Bagged?

March 8, 2024

Air suspension has become quite popular in recent years, with the addition of air bags to your car or truck you can lower it more than traditional coil or leaf springs while giving a very smooth ride. This new suspension option has spawned many different slang terms, one of them being bagged. But what does it mean when a car is bagged?

A car that is bagged has an air bag in place of the normal coil or leaf springs on each corner of the vehicle. These bags are inflated with compressed air from an onboard air compressor, and are controlled by a series of switches that allow the driver to choose between a pre-set ride height, or adjust each individual corner’s ride height on the fly.

In the event of a crash, an airbag sensor detects the force applied to the vehicle occupant and sends an electrical signal that starts a chemical reaction in the airbag’s propellant, instantly inflating it with harmless nitrogen gas. The bag is then deflated by a series of vents that are tailored to the vehicle type, and the pressure in each chamber is quickly diffused over the occupant’s body to provide much greater cushioning than a seat belt alone.

There are many different ways to bag a vehicle, with the most popular being a bolt-in kit from an air suspension manufacturer. These kits come with all the parts necessary to get the job done, and are often cheaper than custom fabrication. They also offer the added benefit of being able to use a variety of coilovers, which allows for more customization and the possibility of higher travel range if desired.


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