What Does LT Mean on a Car?

December 4, 2023

When shopping for your next vehicle, you may be surprised to find that the model you like has both an LS and LT trim level. Both offer a great driving experience, but there are differences between them. LS is a base trim level, while LT provides enhanced features and comforts for your Lakeland commute. If you’re confused about what does lt mean on a car, read on for more information!

The LT engine in your Chevy is designed to deliver more power and performance. It has 6-bolt main bearing caps (four vertical and two horizontal). This helps with the engine’s rigidity and lets it handle big increases in output. It also has wet or dry sump oiling. The LT block uses a cast-aluminum with a 4-bolt or 6-bolt nodular iron crankshaft.

In addition to a better ride, LT tires are designed to support heavier cargo loads and tougher road conditions. They have thicker plies and sidewalls to provide more rugged construction and superior load capacity. They’re best suited for trucks, full-size SUVs and vans that frequently haul or tow heavy loads.

Passenger tires don’t have the structural durability to support these kinds of loads and can wear down prematurely due to excess pressure on their structure. This can lead to a blowout, so it’s important to use the right tires for your needs. You can tell whether your tire is an LT or passenger by looking at the manufacturer’s logo on the sidewall or checking your owner’s manual for more details.


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