What Does Make of Car Mean?

December 4, 2023

A car’s make and model are two important pieces of information to consider when deciding on the vehicle that best fits your needs. However, many people often confuse the terms “make” and “model.” While the make of a vehicle is easy to identify, understanding its model may be more complicated.

The make of a vehicle refers to the manufacturer or brand of that specific type of car. Some popular examples of car makes include Toyota, Honda, and Ford. Some manufacturers have multiple brands under their umbrella, such as Lincoln and Lexus for GM or Cadillac and Chevrolet for General Motors.

It’s also possible that you can identify a car’s make just by looking at it, since most cars feature the manufacturer’s name or logo prominently displayed on their exterior. This information is usually found on the vehicle’s front or back, as well as its steering wheel. You can also find the car’s make in the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN.

A car’s make can also be a major consideration when purchasing or leasing a vehicle, as different manufacturers have reputations for reliability or performance. For example, Toyota is known for its fuel efficiency and durability, while BMW is a luxury brand that has an outstanding reputation for engineering and innovation. The make and model of a vehicle can also impact insurance rates, maintenance, and repairs. This is because some models may be more likely to suffer from recalls than others, which can negatively affect the brand’s overall reputation.


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