What Does NIC Mean in Construction?

March 3, 2024

NIC stands for Network Interface Card, and it’s an essential hardware component that allows devices to connect to a network. Construction sites often require a high level of communication between different parts of a project, and NICs can help ensure that data and other critical information is transferred quickly and efficiently. In addition, NICs can help boost the reliability of a device’s Internet connection, and they also enable easier collaboration on projects.

Besides providing a standardized system for classifying economic activities, the NIC Code has many other uses, including: predicting future trends, benchmarking project performance, and determining the economic impact of construction projects. Understanding the structure and function of the NIC Code is key for construction businesses, investors, and researchers.

MOH – Materials on Hand - This term refers to materials that have been procured for a project, but that have not yet been installed. This is common in the construction industry, as it helps to control costs and avoid waste by only utilizing materials that are needed.

NTP – Notice to Proceed - This term refers to a letter from an architect or contractor that authorizes the start of work on a new project. Generally, NTP letters are signed by the architect or contractor’s PE (Professional Engineer), who is authorized to sign and seal plans, reports, calculations, drawings, and other technical documents on behalf of the company. NTP is an important document, as it ensures that construction will begin on time and that the project will be completed according to plan.


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