What Does TC Mean on Cars?

December 4, 2023

When the traction control (TC) warning light turns on, it usually means that the system has been activated to assist your acceleration process and prevent wheel slippage or over-spinning when driving on slippery road conditions. TC also works to help maintain grip between your tires and the road when driving through mud, water, snow or gravel. The traction control system uses a combination of wheel speed sensors, control modules and networks, and hydraulic control units to work. It is common for the traction control system to turn on and off as you drive through slick road conditions. However, if the warning light stays on continuously, it is most likely time to get Your car checked out by an experienced mechanic.

The traction control system is typically integrated into the electronic stability control (ESC) systems found in most modern vehicles, and they may not have separate warning lights or dashboard switches. ESC and traction control are designed to work together to improve stability, limit wheel spin, and reduce the chance of skidding or losing control by monitoring wheel speed and changing engine power or selectively applying brakes to individual wheels.

If the traction control system warning light is on and stays on, there is a problem with the system. The traction control system can be disabled by pressing the switch/button with a picture of a vehicle with wavy lines underneath. Once the traction control is turned off, the dash will display a steady yellow light to indicate that traction control has been disabled.


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