What Does TC Mean on My Car?

December 4, 2023

In the modern world of cars, there are a lot of mechanical and safety features that help keep them operating efficiently. Often, these systems are connected to the car's dashboard and will turn on a warning light to let you know when there is a problem or something needs attention. One of these systems is traction control. In this article, we will discuss what does tc mean on my car, how it works and what happens if this system is turned on and you see the TC warning light on your dash board.

Traction Control

A traction control system is a part of your car that helps prevent wheel spin in slippery road conditions by monitoring the speed of each wheel and automatically adjusting power to each as needed. It will also apply the brakes to each wheel when necessary. This is a very important safety feature to have, especially in winter weather or on icy roads.

There are a few reasons why the traction control warning light might come on and stay on. The most common reason is that you or someone else accidentally hit the button to disable the traction control system when driving in slippery conditions. If this is the case, then the traction control warning light will only turn on temporarily and should go off once the traction control system re-enables itself.

If the traction control warning light shows up and stays on, it could indicate that there is a fault with this system. This is something that you will need to have checked out by a professional technician.


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