What Does the B Stand For in a Car?

December 4, 2023

Having an understanding of all the numbers and letters on your car’s gear shift is essential to keeping safe on the road. Some cars will display the letter b on their gear shift. When you’re rushing down a hill or driving on the highway with low gear, shifting to B is ideal. This gear will reduce your speed and prevent your brakes from overheating. It also allows your vehicle to maintain a steady pace without having to continuously slam on the brake pedal.

In many hybrid vehicles, the b gear function can be found in the lower position on the gear shift. This is because it creates power for engine braking when descending steep hills. It can seem like a confusing new feature, but it’s actually easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can find this gear on your Toyota Corolla and other hybrid vehicles that allow the option.

Shifting to B is simple, even if you’re speeding down a hill. First, you need to reduce your speed. Once you’re at a lower speed, then press the button to engage the braking gear. You may hear loud noises from the engine as it spins to slow down. Using this mode is great for preventing collisions and saving your brakes from overheating. Just be sure to only use this feature when necessary. If you use it often, your brakes will wear down faster. Using it on flat roads will not save your battery life.


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