What Does the Wrench Mean on a Car?

December 4, 2023

If the wrench symbol on your dashboard illuminates, it usually means that your car requires professional service. However, the meaning of this light tends to differ depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer. For example, Honda models use the wrench symbol to remind drivers of their scheduled maintenance appointments. On the other hand, Ford vehicles use this indicator to warn owners of problems with the vehicle’s powertrain system. Common issues that trigger the wrench warning include transmission problems, battery problems, and throttle body issues.

Can You Drive With the Wrench Dash Light On?

If your wrench indicator is activated for routine maintenance, you can still continue driving your Mazda around Mentor with the light on. Just make sure you visit a certified mechanic as soon as possible to take care of the issue at hand. In case the indicator is triggered for more serious problems, you must consult the vehicle’s manual to see what the registered error code is. This way, a mechanic can easily identify the problem and address it promptly.

In case the light is indicating a powertrain malfunction, you should not drive the car and get it checked by an expert as soon as possible. This is because such issues can lead to the engine stalling and other severe issues. Moreover, your vehicle may enter limp mode, which limits the speed and deactivates other features to prevent further damage to the engine.


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