What Does Touring Mean on a Car?

December 4, 2023

The term ‘touring’ is used to describe the top trim level of many Honda models. It’s meant to be a combination of performance and luxury, offering features such as heated seats and a premium audio system. However, it’s important to remember that touring cars are nowhere near as fast as vehicles that were built specifically for the race track.

The main reason you would upgrade the wheels, suspension and tires on your car is to handle the big horsepower that comes with a pro touring build. Having larger wheels and tires allows you to take full advantage of the power from the engine, and it will help you achieve the 0-60 time you’re after. When it comes to wheel selection, backspacing is important to ensure that the new wheels don’t rub on the brake calipers or rotors.

Touring cars are also more comfortable than other vehicles because they’re designed for long distances. They have ample legroom for passengers and offer a smooth ride. The leather-upholstered seats in touring models are also easy to clean and comfortable to sit in. Additionally, the navigation systems in these cars are simple to use and can give you live locations and directions to your destination. While there are some disadvantages to touring cars, such as their higher price tag, they’re still worth it for people who regularly commute or take road trips. If you’re interested in upgrading your vehicle, make sure to download the CoPilot app to get a curated list of the best vehicles for sale in your area. You’ll even receive notifications if a similar vehicle is listed nearby at a lower price!


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