What Does TRAC Off Mean on a Car?

December 4, 2023

The TRAC Off light on your Toyota is an indicator that the system is not able to provide increased grip when driving on slippery surfaces. While this might be alarming at first glance, it is typically not a serious issue. This article will walk you through the various causes of this notification light and how to fix them.

One of the most common reasons the TRAC Off light comes on is that you physically turned the system off. This can be done by hitting a button on the dashboard or a similar switch. When this happens, the traction control system deactivates and the dashboard will indicate this. You might also see the VSC (vehicle stability control) light come on as well, which further identifies the cause.

Another reason why the TRAC Off light might turn on is that you are driving on a slippery surface and the car is skidding. This is most often the case in snow or ice, but moderate to heavy rain can also trigger this problem. Getting off the slippery road should eliminate this problem immediately.

A faulty wheel sensor is another common cause of the TRAC Off light turning on. Since the traction control system relies on a number of sensors, if one of them fails, the ECU will automatically turn off the system.

Modern cars have many different types of computers, each performing a different set of tasks. If one of these computers malfunctions, it can affect a number of other systems as well. This is less likely to be the problem if other MILs, such as the Check Engine or VSC lights, are illuminated at the same time.


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