What Happened to Moxy?

June 15, 2023

If you're wondering what happened to moxy, it hasn't disappeared. The Moxie team is working hard to deliver even more updates, but we're not sure exactly when those will be available yet. We will update this article with any additional information we receive.

When children finish interacting with Moxie and say "Moxie, Please Go to Sleep", it will shut off its video camera and LED bar to enter standby mode. During this time, Audio Data is still collected, but it will not be sent to the Google ASR servers. Once Moxie hears the command "Hello Moxie" again, it will wake up and return to operational mode.

Moxy Fruvous stayed active as a touring band in Canada and also played the Voyageur Days festival with acts such as Toronto, Trooper, Chilliwack, Goddo and Killer Dwarfs. However, with Shearman leaving the band to concentrate on his own band Buzz Sawphoto, Moxy's popularity waned and their albums were no longer getting airplay in Canada as radio stations switched from rock to softer music.

Throughout the year, Moxy hosts special events at their public space like a Spring Wine Down Weekend, a summer Moxy Bazaar and a fall SheBop vintage market pop-up. In 2021, they hosted a Monster Mash Bash that included a concert and a costume party complete with a photo booth and food trucks. You can find more information about upcoming Moxy events by visiting their Facebook page and checking their weekly Wazzup post on Instagram.


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