What Happens at the Southern Terminus of Interstate 65?

February 11, 2023

What happens at the southern terminus of interstate 65?

The southern terminus of Interstate 65 is located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The highway opened in 1956 as the Kentucky Turnpike and was a toll road until 1975 when it was paid off.

At this point, the highway is on a rural north-northwesterly heading toward Birmingham. It carries a low 50 mph speed limit and has only four lanes.

In Indiana, Interstate 69 is slated to extend into Evansville, with some communities in the far southwestern counties and Evansville supporting it, while others in Bloomington and Martinsville oppose it. This has caused some tension between the two areas.

From Evansville, Interstate 69 will follow a new alignment that will eventually take over I-69 at Dyersburg. This will allow for a direct freeway link to the Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway near Union City and South Fulton.

A proposed spur route will also follow U.S. 59 north from Carthage to Texarkana, then turn east (Segment 29 - from Victoria to Texas 99).

It is unknown whether this will be the only route to Texarkana or if another alternative will be chosen. A possible route is to cross through Houston via Texas 99 and the Grand Parkway.

The western terminus of Interstate 80 in San Francisco originally was proposed to be located at U.S. 101 in Golden Gate Park, although this was later retracted due to community opposition. The Western Freeway (Interstate 80) would have originated at the Central Freeway and traveled west towards the park, straddling Fell Street and Oak Street along the way.


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