What is a Chase in Construction?

February 11, 2023

what is a chase in construction

What is a chase in construction?

A chase is a groove or channel cut into an existing layer or substrate to accommodate services such as pipes or cables. It is usually done in solid wall or solid floor construction and the width of a chase will depend on the type of service that needs to be enclosed but typically does not exceed 100mm wide.

Chasing is commonly used for cabling and plumbing installations in a solid wall, solid floor or concrete ceiling. This process allows the installation of a clean finish while keeping the pipes and wires hidden from view and out of reach of people and animals.

What tools do builders use to cut a chase?

When cutting a masonry wall for a chase, professional builders use special tools such as an angle grinder that comes with two parallel cutting discs. These discs have a depth gauge that determines the depth of the cut. The builder then makes two parallel cuts on the wall with the grinder and knocks out the wastes between the cuts using a cold chisel.

How to prepare for a construction job with a construction loan

Construction loans are typically short-term, high-interest mortgages that help finance the cost of building or buying a property, including the land, contractors and other costs. These loans are often structured to match milestones in a construction timeline, rather than offering one lump-sum payment like standard mortgages. The interest on a construction loan may be higher than other types of loans because the investment comes with a bit more risk for the lender.


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