What is a Deck Lid on a Car?

March 21, 2024

The trunk (North American English) or boot (British English) of a car is the main storage compartment, usually a hatch at the rear of the vehicle. It is sometimes also known as the dickey (spelled dickie in some parts of the world). The deck lid or trunk lid allows access to this area by releasing a latch and actuating a drive, either manually positioned or powered with a prop rod or counterbalancing torsion spring(s) which hold it up in an open position.

Article courtesy of The Free Dictionary.

This term is commonly used in the LS community to describe the top half of an air intake on F bodies and Corvettes that combines the filter with a cold air supply tube. Swapping out the factory "lid" with an aftermarket replacement can give significant HP gains and is one of the first mods people do on a new LS engine.

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