What Is a Derrick in Construction?

January 21, 2024

When working on a construction site, it’s important to know what kind of equipment you need for the job. In many cases, this will involve large machinery. For instance, if you need to lift heavy materials into place on a building, it’s likely that you will need a crane. Similarly, if you need to move materials around the jobsite, you may need to have some kind of mobile crane. While cranes are usually stationary, mobile cranes are mounted on tracks or wheels, which allows them to be moved from one location to another.

The definition of a derrick in construction is powered equipment that consists of a mast or equivalent member held at its head by guys or braces, with or without a boom, for use with a hoisting mechanism and operating ropes. Derricks include A-frame, basket, breast, Chicago boom, gin pole (except those used for erection of communication towers), shearleg, and stiffleg derricks.

When determining what kind of equipment to buy or lease, you should look at how much weight it can lift at full capacity. You should also consider how quickly it can move from one location to the next. This will allow you to meet the needs of different jobsites, as well as provide a good indication of its mobility. You should always check the equipment’s rated load capacity, as well as the load anchorage. The anchorage should be designed to withstand the forces when configured and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s or builder’s procedures, and within its rated capacity.


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