What Is a Frunk? Exploring EV Storage Solutions

July 9, 2024

The term "frunk" is a combination of "front" and "trunk" and refers to the extra storage space at the front of electric vehicles (EVs). EVs have compact electric motors that allow for the placement of a frunk in the front of the vehicle where an internal-combustion engine would normally be located. This layout provides several advantages, such as a lower center of gravity, improved handling, and maximized interior and cargo spaces. The concept of the frunk was originally seen in cars like the classic Volkswagen Beetle, where the engine was located in the rear, leaving space in the front for cargo.

What is a Frunk?

what is a frunk

A frunk is a term used to describe a front trunk in a vehicle, specifically in electric cars that do not have traditional internal combustion engines in the front. Frunks have been present in older car models such as rear engine Volkswagen Beetles and Porsche 911s, showcasing a legacy of innovative design before becoming popularized by modern electric vehicles.

Frunks in Electric Vehicles (EVs)

what is a frunk
"Tesla Model S 'frunk'" by Pandamera1 is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/.

Electric cars have further popularized the frunk concept as they do not require as much space for engines, allowing for additional storage space in the front of the vehicle. While frunks may be smaller in size compared to rear trunks, they provide useful extra storage. For instance, electric pickup trucks and SUVs often feature larger, more spacious frunks with practical features like dividers, charging ports, removable inserts, and hidden compartments.

Practicality and Usefulness

Despite their generally limited capacity, frunks offer practical benefits. They may not always serve as the primary storage space but are useful for smaller items or as additional cargo areas. Opening and closing a frunk is similar to a regular hood, with various methods of opening depending on the vehicle's make and model. This extra storage in the front helps improve vehicle functionality and convenience for users.

Safety and Efficiency

A frunk can contribute to safety by acting as a crumple zone in the event of a crash and distributing weight evenly for improved handling. Additionally, elements like lack of air circulation in weatherproof frunks may affect the long-term storage of certain items, requiring consideration for what is placed inside.

Electric vehicles showcase innovation and creativity in design, providing practical solutions like the frunk that set them apart from traditional gas-powered vehicles. The evolution and modernization of frunks reflect changing consumer expectations and the continual advancement in automotive design.

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