What Is a Glazier in Construction?

March 15, 2024

If you like working with your hands and want to leave a lasting impact on society, construction jobs like this one are an excellent choice. Glaziers are responsible for measuring, installing and repairing glass within structures such as hotels, houses, and more. They use a variety of tools to cut and install the glass, as well as repair existing panes. The demand for these skilled workers is growing as more construction projects need to be repaired and refurbished.

The job is very physical and requires good hand-eye coordination to make sure that all the pieces of glass are properly cut, fitted and fastened together. The glazier is often required to work at heights, using ladders and scaffolding or even aerial lifts to access elevated areas. Glaziers must also follow safety precautions to protect themselves from falling or getting hurt while at these high elevations.

Most glaziers enter the occupation after receiving a high school diploma and going through an apprenticeship program that lasts about four years. During this time, they receive both technical training and paid on-the-job experience. They learn to handle the various tools of the trade, as well as basic math and construction techniques. Upon completion of the program, they are considered journeypersons and can work independently.

Some vocational schools offer specific programs for aspiring glaziers. Alternatively, you can apply directly to construction or specialist fenestration companies to gain on-site experience and start as an apprentice. This way, you can earn while you learn and get started on your career much more quickly than waiting for a bachelor's degree to be completed at a university.


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