What Is a Grader in Construction?

February 1, 2024

There are various kinds of heavy equipment that can be used for sculpting earth into a flat surface but when the work involves a significant level of finesse it is best to go with a specialised machine such as a grader. These specialized construction vehicles can execute many different tasks ranging from smoothening project sites for road construction to maintaining unpaved roads and even curing of bank canals.

Typically, motor graders have an adjustable blade that can be set to any desired specifications. It is fitted underneath the traction frame with rings that spin vertically, allowing for the angle to be adjusted. This feature makes them useful in terrains that have vertical profiles or curvatures, making the process of grading more convenient.

To ensure optimal performance of a grader, the blade fitted to its moldboard should be regularly checked for any wear and tear. The degree of abrasion determines the rate at which the grader wears down the moldboard, which ultimately affects its accuracy. For optimum performance, the blade should be replaced with a new one as soon as its edge gets dull.

In addition to their use in construction, graders can also be equipped with attachments such as snow wings that enable them to plow snow. Their versatility also extends to agriculture, where farmers can use them to prepare soil for planting crops or spread concrete to create sidewalks and other pathways. Moreover, they can be fitted with tire chains to help the machines gain better traction when working on slippery surfaces.


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