What Is a Journeyman in Construction?

February 21, 2024

Choosing to pursue a career as a construction journeyman is a good option for aspiring trade professionals looking for job security and high wages. It is also a great way to become a part of the solution to the skills gap plaguing the industry.

After successfully completing an apprenticeship program and passing state or regional licensing exams, you will be able to start working as a journeyman. The exact duties vary by trade but the overall goal is to perform high quality work on construction projects. In addition to mastering a specific skill set, journeymen must have strong work ethic and leadership skills to be successful in this field.

Most journeymen choose to specialize in certain areas of their trade such as framing, pump work or high-torque bolting. They may also wish to earn a master’s license or even start their own construction company.

The presence of a well-trained journeyman in a project can lead to better safety, higher productivity, and more accurate completion times. They also have a deeper understanding of building codes and regulations and can help ensure that all work is done to the highest standards.

Becoming a construction journeyman is a long process that takes commitment and perseverance. However, it can be very rewarding in the end. It is important to find the right apprenticeship program, complete all requirements and continue your education to stay up-to-date on new technologies and changes in the industry. Staying connected to your apprenticeship program, taking additional courses and cultivating relationships are just a few ways that you can prepare yourself for the journeyman path.


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