What Is a Kicker in Construction: An Expert Breakdown

June 12, 2024

Column kickers are small concrete steps used at the base of walls or columns during the casting of a concrete slab. They play a significant role in maintaining the coordinates and dimensions of a wall or column consistently, especially between floor slabs.

Dimensions and Structural Importance

Column kickers typically range between 50mm and 150mm in thickness. A 150mm thickness is most desirable for providing comprehensive support, while less than 50mm may not offer enough stability, and more than 150mm could cause the concrete to slump. The width and length of column kickers should match the dimensions of the column they support, ensuring proper alignment and structural integrity.

Advantages of Using Column Kickers

Correction and Levelling

Column kickers facilitate easier correction of leveling issues and maintain wall dimensions between slabs. This helps in achieving a uniform structure throughout the construction phases.

Structural Benefits

They prevent movement of columns and maintain vertical alignment, which is crucial for the stability and integrity of the entire structure.

Construction Quality

Column kickers simplify the installation of column formworks and improve overall construction quality if executed correctly. They also help in reducing the number of joints in the concrete, enhancing the robustness of the structure.

Disadvantages and Considerations

Formation of Joints

One of the potential disadvantages of using column kickers is the formation of joints at the bottom of walls or columns, which might affect the structural integrity if not handled properly.

Skill Level Required

Effective use of column kickers requires an experienced finishing team. Incorrect use or the need for rework can slow down the construction process and lead to additional labor costs.

Optional Usage

Due to the disadvantages, some projects might opt not to use column kickers and instead explore other formwork solutions available that could offer equal or better outcomes.

Alternatives and Advancements in Formwork

MSB Form

MSB Form is a versatile formwork solution that combines a kicker and base in a single unit. Although not directly used for column kickers, it enhances precision in laying concrete slabs and is suitable for various types of slabs, including conventional slabs and podium decks. MSB Form offers efficiency and cost savings for both residential and commercial projects, providing users with tailored solutions to meet specific construction needs.

The choice of whether to use column kickers or advanced formwork solutions like MSB Form depends on project specifics and the desired quality outcomes. For an efficient and precise formwork solution, consulting with expert providers like MSB Form can provide additional benefits and tailored solutions. For more details or a free quote, visit the MSB Form website and contact their team of experts for further assistance.

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