What Is a Mock Up in Construction?

March 3, 2024

Mock Ups are a powerful tool to bridge the gap between imagination and reality in construction. They allow stakeholders to evaluate the aesthetics, functionality and durability of building components and materials. They also enable the design team to identify and test products before they are installed in the field, reducing costly project delays. In this article we will cover the definition, importance, types and benefits of mock ups in construction.

A Mockup is a physical sample of a portion or detail of the final construction project. The mockup provides a tactile and visual representation of the project that allows Owners, Designers and Contractors to inspect and understand.

Mockups can be constructed onsite in the same conditions that will exist on the real building or they can be manufactured offsite and delivered to the jobsite for testing. The location of the mockup can impact its cost and time to construct and test. Onsite construction reduces costs but can create scheduling challenges due to weather, site access and crew availability.

When constructing a mockup, it is important to utilize the same or similar materials and finishes that will be utilized in the construction of the final building. This ensures that the mockup accurately represents the appearance and performance of the final product. It is also critical to allow adequate time for the construction and evaluation of the mockup. Rushing the process may result in inaccurate assessments. In addition, it is vital to document and communicate the results of the mockup evaluation so that all stakeholders can use this information to inform their design, installation and quality control decisions.


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