What Is a Mud Mat in Construction?

February 21, 2024

During construction, mud mats are placed on job sites to create an even surface for vehicles. This prevents them from sinking or creating ruts in the soil, which can then cause issues down the line. They also provide a dry area for employees to work, which eliminates the concern of being stuck in mud or water. The mud mats used for heavy equipment can be moved easily, making them the ideal solution for construction sites.

Mud mats are available in a variety of sizes, with the largest able to support a 120-ton load. Unlike soggy plywood, these mats can be used for roadways and platforms to help large vehicles move across the site quickly. This makes them the perfect choice for utility trucks, tree service companies, and fruit picking services that use bucket trucks.

Another option is wood mats, which are thick pieces of lumber that can be bolted together to form a solid piece. These are often cheaper than other types of matting and can be used for rubber tires or tracked machines, but they are not as flexible as other mats.

Another type of mud mat is made out of composite materials and is referred to as a poly or plastic mat. These are thin and lightweight, which can reduce freight costs, and they do not absorb contaminants like oil or water. They are also a little more flexible than plywood and can bend to fit the ground, making them easy for one person to transport and set up.


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