What Is a Screen Wall PVC Porch Screening System?

June 12, 2024

Designing a screen porch can significantly enhance your outdoor living space by providing a comfortable environment protected from the elements. The Screen Wall PVC porch screening system offers a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and durability, making it a worthwhile consideration for homeowners. Here, we'll delve into the components, installation process, aesthetic benefits, and maintenance features of this innovative system.

Components Overview

Perimeter Component

The perimeter component is a critical part of the screening system, attaching to the top, bottom, and sides of the screened opening using 2-inch screws. It seamlessly integrates with the Screen Wall post component to form the horizontal rails and vertical posts that frame the porch. This integration ensures a robust and durable structure.

Screen Wall Post Component

The post components serve as the vertical and horizontal supports of the Screen Wall system. These are connected to the perimeter components and each other using angle brackets and screws, creating a sturdy framework for the screen. Each post end meeting the perimeter requires 2 angle brackets and 8 screws, while a vertical post intersecting a horizontal one requires 4 angle brackets and 16 screws.

Screen Wall Beauty Cap

The beauty cap is designed to hide and protect all fasteners, offering a polished and clean look. It greatly enhances the overall aesthetic appeal by ensuring no screws or brackets are visible. Typically, double the number of beauty caps is needed for each post compared to each perimeter component.

Installation Process

Installing the Screen Wall system is straightforward and user-friendly. The system can be customized according to specific needs, and each 8-ft section of the perimeter component attaches with 12 screws. This design focuses on simplicity and efficiency, making it accessible even for DIY homeowners.

Post components are attached to both the perimeter and other posts using angle brackets and screws. Built-in channels facilitate easy installation of the screen, spline, and fasteners, ensuring a seamless integration process.

Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

Enhanced Aesthetics

The Screen Wall PVC porch screening system offers an aesthetically pleasing solution with its premium white vinyl finish, creating a clean and low-maintenance porch structure. Optional cellular PVC pickets can be added for additional style and beauty. Each picket requires 2 picket brackets and 4 screws, contributing to a more refined look.

Functional Benefits

The system is engineered to withstand wind speeds over 140 mph, ensuring compliance with building codes in high-wind areas. Its durability is underscored by resistance to elements such as termites, rust, and rot. Additionally, the built-in channels ensure a snug fit for the screen material, preventing sagging or displacement and securing its long-lasting performance.

Durability and Maintenance

One of the standout features of the Screen Wall PVC porch screening system is its low maintenance requirements. The premium white vinyl finish not only enhances the visual appeal but also simplifies cleaning and upkeep. The material is virtually immune to the usual damages caused by weather elements, making it a durable choice for homeowners looking for long-term solutions.

The system's resilience has been thoroughly tested, proving its capability to maintain structural integrity in various environmental conditions. This includes compliance with building regulations for high-wind areas, further enhancing the reliability of the installation.

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