What Is a Secondary Road?

February 11, 2023

What is a secondary road?

A secondary road is a highway within a county that is not a primary road. It is not a freeway, expressway or interstate highway and is usually limited in both access and capacity. It may be a trunk road or a feeder road, and may serve multiple residential, industrial or commercial uses in a community.

State and County Main Lines

Iowa's public roads are divided into three groups: state highways, county roads and city streets. All serve the transportation needs of the population, provide convenient access to homes and shopping, connect people to jobs and civic resources, and connect farms to markets.

County roads are located within the rural areas of Iowa and serve the needs for convenient access to homes, businesses, schools, and agriculture. They also facilitate the movement of materials to and from manufacturing, distribution centers, and farming.

National Routes in Ireland

The Irish National Road network comprises both national primary routes (Irish: Bothar Naisiunta den Dara Grad) and national secondary routes. The former are designated with a route number higher than the primary routes but with the same "N" prefix.

These roads are generally of a lower standard than the regional roads, but often carry more traffic. The majority are single carriageway.

The Iowa Department of Transportation's Office of Analytics prepares a report on the road system called the secondary road report, which is updated annually as of January 1. This report provides federal, state and local agencies with statistical information about the county's road network.


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