What is a Stanced Car?

December 29, 2023

A stanced car is a modified vehicle that has been lowered with components like lowering springs, coilovers or air suspension systems. This customization style is commonly used to achieve an aggressive low-to-the-ground appearance for cars, and it's become a whole subculture in itself. Stanced cars aren't just about looks, however, as the lowered suspension and negative camber configurations can offer some great handling benefits as well.

For those who love to drift, slamming their cars down with a stance setup is an excellent way to maximize traction and earn bonus style points. For example, a competition drift setup may feature front wheels with extreme negative camber angles, which effectively tilts the tops of the tires inward toward the fenders, increasing the contact patch to create more grip.

While stanced cars provide increased cornering capabilities through wider tires and negative camber angles, they can also be problematic in other areas. For example, over-lowering lowers the suspension travel and stiffens the ride, which can reduce comfort and safety. Additionally, the excessive negative camber angle can cause premature tire wear and scraping on uneven surfaces or speed bumps.

As you can see, stancing your car offers many advantages such as increased traction and an eye-catching aesthetic, but it's important to choose quality suspension parts and perform regular wheel alignments. This will help prevent damage or failure and ensure optimal performance and longevity. It's also recommended to stay within your state's laws regarding modifications such as lowered ride heights and extreme negative camber angles, as some regions have regulations against these types of changes.


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