What is a Toe Link on a Car?

March 12, 2024

When you look down on a car at the front from overhead, you’ll see the front tires aren’t oriented exactly parallel to each other. That’s a result of toe links, which are the parts that keep the front tires positioned slightly angled forward or backward. Engineers can specify a desired amount of toe, which is measured by an angle or distance. Typically, the toe link pushes one side of the wheel/tire closer to the centerline of the car and pulls the other side farther away to help it turn.

If a driver brushes the wall, it’s highly unlikely that the toe link will not get bent or broken in some way. But while the Next Gen cars are sturdier than the old metal ones that preceded them, there’s still no guarantee a rear toe link will stay intact.

When it comes to the rear toe link, a failure can have a huge impact on the performance of the car and how a driver can pilot it at high speeds. So we’re taking a closer look at this component to figure out what it is, what it does and why breaking it isn’t good for drivers and fans.


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