What Is a Valance on a Car?

November 20, 2023

When you’re driving down the road, a clean looking car from top to bottom is always a pleasing sight. Many automotive enthusiasts consider a basic car valance to be a staple for achieving that kind of look. Also known as a bumper deflector or a valance panel, this vehicle component does more than just add some flair to your ride; it actually helps in promoting safer car operation all the time.

In non-automotive terms, a valance is simply defined as a piece of material that hangs lightly from something to conceal it for decorative purposes, somewhat like a curtain. In the automotive industry, valances are thin and slim pieces that are found underneath car bumpers to help direct airflow or as filler body panels. They are installed in the front and rear of all cars regardless of the make and model.

Aside from being a covering panel that adds style to your vehicle, the valance can also hide unpainted areas in the lower side of the chassis of your car. Without this part, these parts are easily exposed to grit and bumps from below and can be prone to being cracked or dented by rock hits among other road mishaps.

In terms of material, a valance is usually made from plastic. However, it can still be composed of steel on older vehicles that have metal bumpers. Modern automobiles that have plastic bumpers are more likely to have a valance that’s composed of plastic as well.


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