What Is AEC in Construction?

January 29, 2024

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals are experts in completing construction projects. They use their education and expertise to design buildings, structures, and infrastructure that are safe and efficient for the end user. The AEC industry is a massive global market with various subsectors that specialize in different types of construction projects. The AEC industry is a leading service provider for a wide range of industries including:

What are the job titles for aec in construction?

Architects use their creativity and technical knowledge to create innovative and visually appealing designs. They take into account factors such as sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics when designing a structure. They also consult with clients and follow industry regulations/laws/standards during the construction process.

Engineers use their science and mathematical skills to construct safe, secure, and functional structures that are structurally sound. They specialize in fields such as civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering and ensure that structures are built to meet the required standards and specifications.

Construction project managers and construction teams/skilled laborers execute the architectural and engineering designs by physically building the structure. They create schedules, mitigate risks on the construction site, and communicate with the architects and engineers throughout the construction process.

AEC professionals rely on a variety of software solutions for day-to-day productivity. These range from platforms used for project collaboration and documentation to CAD and BIM tools that enable the creation of detailed models. Some of these tools are able to render the models into textured 3D visuals, providing the industry with advanced visualization capabilities.


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