What Is AFF in Construction?

March 16, 2024

Learn what aff means in construction: A common abbreviation found on the construction plans and contract documents is AFF (Above Finish Floor). This designation serves as a benchmark elevation, with all other dimensions being noted above this level. Ceiling heights, chair rails, crown moldings, wall hangings, and other elements of the home are usually dimensioned AFF.

This ensures that these items are installed at a proper height, and meets building codes, regulations, and ADA requirements. It also eliminates confusion for contractors who may be misinterpreting other dimensions on the plans, or not accounting for multiple layers of flooring materials like Gyp-Crete, carpeting, and tile. In addition, using AFF helps to ensure that the blocking required for these elements is constructed correctly. For more information, read this article on the basics of constructing concrete block walls.


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