What Is AIA in Construction?

March 6, 2024

AIA stands for The American Institute of Architects. This organization produces a collection of standardized contract documents that are widely used in construction projects. Its standard form contracts establish clear agreements between parties and reduce disputes in the field.

While AIA contract documents are not legally binding in any specific jurisdiction, a significant body of case law has been established around their provisions. As such, the documents are highly respected as a guide to industry practices and are generally enforceable in most states.

A key benefit of using AIA documents is that they provide an efficient way to manage the design and construction process. This reduces disputes and enables teams to complete the work faster and more economically. AIA documents also help to ensure that all parties involved are protected against liability in the event of claims or litigation.

When completing a project, it is common to add or deduct work from the initial scope. Change orders are part of the standard AIA documents and there are specific protocols that must be followed. It is important that all change order details are documented, clearly defined and approved by the owner, architect or contractor. Failure to follow the proper protocol can lead to disputes regarding requisitions for payment.

Construction accounting software, such as Deltek ComputerEase, helps to streamline AIA billing processes by ensuring that invoices are produced in accordance with the required documentation and contract terms. This ensures that payments are made on time and that contractors are properly compensated for the work they perform.


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