What is an Abbreviation in Transportation?

August 9, 2023

From DOT to ZOP, there are countless abbreviations used within the transportation industry. These acronyms can be difficult to keep track of, but ATS has put together a helpful guide for our customers that can help you decode the jargon. We’ve compiled the list below from various online sources and will continue to update it as necessary.

A transportation mode where cargo is moved over long distances using ocean freighters, rail cars and trucks. It involves the transfer of freight between ports, cities and towns as well as intercity routes.

The process by which a shipper sends a load to a carrier and receives a bill of lading, or contract of carriage. This document indicates the terms and conditions of the shipment, including delivery dates, responsibilities of both parties, and pricing information.

A vehicle that has a trailer attached and is designed for the transport of cargo. A trailer can also be referred to as a semitrailer or rail car.

Small stationary and nontransportation pollution sources that are too numerous to be considered point sources, but that contribute significantly to the local air quality problem (e.g., dry cleaners). A geographic area that has levels of a specific criteria air pollutant at or above the health-based National Ambient Air Quality Standards for that pollutant. A maintenance area may be designated for a single or multiple pollutants.

A revision to a long-range statewide or metropolitan transportation plan, TIP, or STIP. An amendment requires a public involvement process and must be approved by the state in accordance with its procedures. It may involve an addition, deletion or major change to a project, or it may include changes in costs, projects/project phases initiation dates or other design concepts or scope.


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