What Is an As Built in Construction?

March 13, 2024

Whether you’re a laser scanning professional interested in 3D building capture or a construction project manager looking for ways to streamline future maintenance, repairs and renovations, accurate as-builts are key to getting the job done. But what exactly is an as built in construction, and who benefits from these crucial documentation tools? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more to help you understand what an as-built is and why it matters.

As-builts are essentially a revised version of the original design drawings that were created before construction began. All alterations that occurred during the building process are logged in these documents to provide an accurate record of the final result. This includes anything from small modifications to major revisions. Structural as-builts are a great example of this, since they detail the final state of a building’s structural elements such as columns, beams and trusses compared to how they were originally designed.

Typically, the architects and engineers who create the initial drawing plans are the ones responsible for creating and updating as-builts. However, contractors and other workers who are responsible for executing the build can also benefit from having access to this documentation. This is because detailed as-builts can help them spot potential issues and complications before they arise, allowing them to prevent mistakes or rework costs. Additionally, as-builts can be used to demonstrate compliance with building codes and regulations when applying for permits or occupational certification. This is important for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.


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