What Is an Easement in Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

May 28, 2024

A utility easement is a legal right granted to utility companies, allowing them to access certain areas of a property. This access is necessary for the installation and maintenance of transmission lines, underground electric lines, water and sewer lines, and fiber optic lines.

Importance of Utility Easements

Utility easements are essential for ensuring that utility services can be delivered efficiently and maintained without unnecessary hindrance.

Identification of Utility Easement Areas

Before construction begins, homeowners will notice various colorful flags and temporary paint in their yards. These markings indicate the location of existing utilities and the areas Metro Net crews will need to access.

Accessibility of Easements

Easements are usually in easily accessible parts of the yard. However, sometimes they are in obstructed areas like fenced-in backyards. Homeowners may need to unlock fences and secure pets to allow workers access.

Respect for Property

Metro Net emphasizes their respect for homeowners' property, promising to exercise caution and care while accessing easement areas. They will attempt to notify homeowners by knocking on the door or leaving a note before entering the yard.

Homeowner Cooperation

Metro Net appreciates homeowners' patience and cooperation when access to easement areas is needed. Homeowners are encouraged to assist by ensuring the area is accessible and safe for workers.

Further Information and Resources

For more details, updates, or to discuss specific concerns, homeowners are directed to visit the Metro Net website at metronet.com/construction.

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