What Is an NOA in Construction?

February 26, 2024

In the construction industry, proper documentation is essential to ensure that projects move forward smoothly and remain legally compliant. One such document is an NOA, which confirms that a construction project meets local building codes and safety standards.

NOAs, also known as Notices of Acceptance, are often required for impact resistant doors and windows to be used in construction in Miami Dade County’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). An NOA issued by the Miami-Dade Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources, Board and Code Administration Division, Product Control Section, is an approval for specific models of the manufacturer’s products.

To receive an NOA, a product must undergo testing in a Miami-Dade certified laboratory for both large and small missile impact, water infiltration and air infiltration. Additionally, a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer must inspect and sign and seal the results for each test category. Depending on the specifications, manufacturers may also choose to file for an OTA or One Time Approval, which allows for a single use of their products without having to undergo repeated testing.

Many people mistakenly believe that a NOA is the same as a building permit, but they serve different purposes. While both documents are essential, an NOA confirms that a construction project complies with the relevant codes and standards, while a building permit grants permission for construction to begin. This distinction is important because it can help prevent liability and insurance claims in the event of a disaster.


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