What Is ASI in Construction?

January 21, 2024

An ASI, or Architect’s Supplemental Instructions, is an official change order that contains revisions, changes and/or additional information that the architect issues to the contractor on a construction project. ASIs are one of many ways an owner, architect and/or contractor can ask for changes to a construction project after it’s begun. ASIs can legally include changes that don’t affect contract sum and/or contract time. However, it’s important to understand that an ASI must be rescinded if the changes in question affect either price or time, and the contractor must request a CCD for those specific changes.

A Short Interval Schedule (SIS) is a method for collecting task data from foreman and crews, analyzing those tasks to identify any constraints or dependencies, and aligning them with the project milestone schedule. The goal is to create a weekly plan that helps reduce field delays and increase productivity on the jobsite.

The Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process is a computing process that takes data from a source, converts it to a different format and then loads the converted data into a target system. A typical example of ETL is the extraction of data from a spreadsheet or database, converting it into XML format, and then loading that XML data into a relational database.

A Claim is an assertion that additional payment and/or time is due as the result of a change, conflict, delay or unforeseen circumstance that arises between parties in a construction contract. Claims can be submitted by either clients, contractors, or subcontractors and can often lead to a dispute that requires resolution through arbitration, mediation or litigation.


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