What Is Auto Hold in a Car? Clear Benefits Explained

July 9, 2024

The Auto Hold feature in the Fort of Upland vehicle is designed to offer drivers a more convenient and safer driving experience. This functionality allows the car to remain stationary without the need to constantly press the brake pedal, which can be particularly useful in stop-and-go traffic situations. But what is auto hold in a car exactly?

What is Auto Hold in a Car?

Auto Hold is essentially an extension of the electric parking brake system. Once activated, it retains the last-applied braking pressure when the car is brought to a standstill, stopping the vehicle from rolling away accidentally. This is achieved via the ABS/ESC hydraulic unit, which ensures all four-wheel brakes remain engaged when the driver removes their foot from the brake pedal.

How Does it Work?

Auto Hold can only be activated when the car is in neutral or drive mode and is completely stopped. By pressing the Auto Hold button near the gear selector, the system goes into standby mode, indicated by a green light. Once activated, the car will not move until the driver presses the gas pedal. This feature is especially beneficial on inclines, as it prevents the vehicle from rolling backward by automatically increasing braking force if rolling is detected.

Benefits of the Auto Hold Feature

The Auto Hold feature shines in heavy traffic scenarios by eliminating the need to switch continuously between the brake and gas pedals. It provides drivers with much-needed relief, reducing foot fatigue during long stoplights or frequent stops. The system also ensures a smoother driving experience by allowing the vehicle to move gently from a standstill without the jerks sometimes experienced with automatic cars.

Configurable and Optional

Drivers appreciate the convenience that the Auto Hold feature brings, yet it remains an optional tool. It can be easily toggled on or off depending on the driver's preference, making the driving experience customizable. However, it is recommended to cancel Auto Hold when driving downhill, driving in reverse, or parking the vehicle. Notably, the feature will automatically activate the electronic parking brake if the hood or driver's door is opened unexpectedly.

Considerations and Recommendations

While Auto Hold is a remarkable feature, it is not without its considerations. Some concerns have been raised about its impact on DSG/DCT gearboxes, as disengaging the clutch when the car is stationary could affect the gearbox's longevity. Additionally, some users find it annoying when Auto Hold resets to off every time the car is turned off. Despite these concerns, the overall consensus is that the feature provides significant comfort and safety, particularly in urban environments with heavy traffic.

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