What Is AWP in Construction?

March 21, 2024

When it comes to industrial construction projects, a good plan is essential for success. However, a project’s path to completion is not always clear, which can make it difficult for teams to manage workflows efficiently and effectively.

Fortunately, a solution is available: advanced work packaging (AWP). Developed by industry experts and powered by specialized technology, AWP provides a framework for project engineering to be driven by construction sequencing. In doing so, it significantly improves field productivity, increases project outcomes, and reduces costs.

A key component of AWP is constraints management, which ensures that any limitations are identified and resolved before work begins in the field. Combined with careful scheduling and coordination, this helps ensure that work packages are executed on schedule. Additionally, rework is minimized, which saves both time and money.

AWP also prioritizes safety, ensuring that crew members have all the equipment and materials they need to perform their tasks. This eliminates wasted time and increases labor productivity, allowing the team to meet project expectations and deliver on promised timelines.

Finally, AWP contributes to better project financial management by improving the accuracy of key cost and schedule metrics. This is made possible through the systematic creation of detailed IWPs that align with the sequence of construction and the resulting plan.

While the benefits of AWP are many, the adoption and implementation of this approach are not without challenges. Before implementing a full-scale AWP process, an organization must evaluate its maturity and determine whether it is ready to take on the challenge of transforming its planning and execution practices.


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