What Is Billy's Car in Stranger Things?

December 14, 2023

The first season of Stranger Things has been an instant hit, combining a supernatural thriller with a young ensemble of teenagers and pre-teens and a healthy dose of 1980s nostalgia. One of the most distinct aspects of the show is mulleted bad boy Billy Hargrove and his 1970s Chevrolet Camaro. The car is a big part of his character and serves as his main mode of transport around Hawkins High School.

The year and trim level of the Camaro have been a mystery for some fans. Internet Movie Cars Database claims that the producers used at least two different cars and some were heavily modified for filming. Some of the confusion stems from the fact that the car sometimes has electric windows and other times manual crank-up windows depending on the scene. This could be due to the production team using multiple Camaros for different scenes or perhaps they swapped the fenders between cars to get different looks for certain scenes.

Despite the mystery, there's no doubt that the Camaro is a great choice for Billy. It's a classic macho muscle car that's perfect for the high-school heartthrob. It's also a practical car for someone who works at the Hawkins Community Pool as a lifeguard.

The car has been seen on the streets of Jackson, Georgia where much of the series is filmed. It's believed that the vehicle was originally used in a 2016 film called The Nice Guys where Ryan Gosling steels Holland March's 1976 Camaro Z28 and crashes it into a tree. It was then used for Stranger Things and the fender-swap might explain why there are patches of red paint inside the bumper and on the wheels.


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