What Is Casework in Construction?

January 28, 2024

When it comes to building construction, every element plays a vital role in creating functional and visually appealing spaces. Casework is one such important component that enhances functionality and aesthetics in construction projects. But what exactly is casework in construction? Simply put, casework is cabinets, shelves, and other storage fixtures that are integrated into a space to meet specific requirements.

The purpose of casework is to offer designated spaces for various items in a space, promoting efficiency and reducing clutter. It also adds structure and character to a room and can be customized to suit a client’s design preferences.

In addition to maximizing functionality and improving aesthetics, casework is cost-effective and can help keep construction projects on schedule. Unlike millwork, casework is pre-assembled at the factory, which can save time and labor on site. Additionally, casework can be designed to meet specific needs and withstand the daily wear and tear of commercial use.

Casework is a great option for projects that require standardized storage solutions. It’s also an ideal choice for clients with tight budget constraints, as it can be produced at a lower rate than custom millwork. When choosing between Division 06 “Millwork” and Division 12 “Engineered Casework,” it’s essential to consider the project goals and specifications. Having clear, easily recognizable specifications helps eliminate confusion and paperwork and minimizes project changes. This is especially beneficial for large-scale projects, like schools and healthcare facilities, where a long-standing reputation matters.


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