What Is CCD in Construction?

February 19, 2024

CCD is a valuable tool that construction professionals use to respond to unforeseen challenges and unexpected opportunities in their projects. It helps ensure project flexibility and fosters collaborative relationships between project owners and contractors, resulting in smoother project execution, reduced disputes, and better overall project outcomes. However, despite its advantages, CCD comes with some inherent challenges that can affect project timelines, costs, quality, and stakeholder satisfaction. To address these issues, construction professionals need to have clear change management processes, comprehensive project documentation, and effective communication with their stakeholders.

Unforeseen Site Conditions: Unexpected ground conditions or underground obstacles that arise during the course of a project may require modifications in design, materials, or construction methods, triggering CCD. These changes are typically initiated by the project owner or stakeholders and based on their preferences, functional requirements, or compliance with updated regulations.

Stakeholder Requests: Owners and stakeholders frequently request adjustments in the project’s original plans and specifications to meet their personal preferences, functional requirements, or compliance with updated regulatory standards. These changes often require the approval of a CCD and can significantly impact the cost, schedule, or quality of a project.

Contesting CCD directives that go beyond the bounds of what was originally agreed upon in a contract can be difficult for contractors without legal assistance. In most cases, a contractor can only contest the adjustment within a set deadline outlined in the CCD’s notice and claims procedures. Failing to comply with these deadlines could leave a contractor stuck with an unfair CCD that ultimately robs them of time and money.


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